We always take pride in what we do to impact positively to the great day of our lovely couples, because photography for us is a way we...


We always take pride in what we do to impact positively to the great day of our lovely couples, because photography for us is a way we feel, touch,love and cherish special moments in life that can only be captured by the cameras eye. Long after these moments have passed by, those captured moments remains alive in photos...Each time you pick up a photo to view, you recall those lovely moments. We are professionally focused on capturing those special moments in life you desire to remember for a life time, wherever the location. Take a look at some of our wedding photo shoots captured in an Outdoor setting.

Photos by Artlook,

Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Photography in New York
Looking at this beautiful photograph, doesn't it make you smile and imagine how lovely your wedding day will be? We know it does! We are always available to add something special to make your wedding day outstandingly memorable for you and your lovely guests.
Amazing Artlook Photoshoots
Outdoor weddings are always colorful and beautiful, as it combines naturalness with nature to bring out the beauty in your lovely smiles, providing the needed opportunity for capturing and creating amazing photographs. There are so many Outdoor wedding locations that will suit you just perfectly well in New York. The Central Park in New York is just one of such perfect locations that will provide you with just what you need.
Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
We are a Team of professionals providing coverage in wedding events in any location comfortable for celebrating your special day. We can also help you select the very best locations for your event ceremony, unique locations that will add beauty to your day and put smiles on your beautiful faces and bring joy to your heart.
Officially They Are United Together As One.
Brooklyn Bridge Park is just another very attractive and awesome location to enjoy your wedding event celebration with family and friends. This location gives you the opportunity to enjoy the amazing beauty of nature and freedom to explore different areas for capturing amazing photoshoots, preserving precious memories in a unique way.
Beautiful Moments For The Newlywed And The Entire Guests
Picture yourself in such lovely atmosphere as they are having the best moments of their life, and of-course there are yet more interesting moments to be enjoyed together forever. It's our privilege and honor to capture these special moments and help preserve these amazing lovely memories.
Couple Enjoying Amazing Photography Moments

The couple enjoying awesome photoshoots with different posing styles. Don't worry about what style of photography pose will make your pictures amazing, our skilled and processional photographers will help you achieve this goal.
A Perfect Ending To An Awesome Wedding Celebration

It was really a privilege to be part of this beautiful wedding celebration and we are glad to professionally add something special in making your big day a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Still looking for the wedding photographer? Just contact us! Our managers will help you with all your questions and will create the most suitable packages for you. Our team consists of only professional photographers and videographers. So if you want affordable wedding photography for affordable prices, just book our services.
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