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DIVERSE WEDDING DAY TRADITIONS AND THEIR PLACE ON YOUR WEDDING CELEBRATION... There seems to be a never ending line of tradition an...



There seems to be a never ending line of tradition and rules to follow for your wedding day. Sometimes we follow tradition that we have no idea where it came from .But why do we continue the tradition if we have no idea where it came from or why it is done in such a particular way. Let's take a look at some of the popular wedding features..........Photos by Artlook.

Wedding Rings
The very widely accepted idea of the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger on the left hand is the perfect example of following tradition. There are many different stories as to why many cultures do this actually but a consistent belief is that the fourth finger on your left hand has a vain called the vena amoris was believed to be directly connected to the heart which was deciphered as a symbol of love.
Bride Holding Her Bouquet
While modern brides carry floral bouquets to add an extra touch of glamour or romance to their overall look, brides of the past often carried unique items in their arrangements for some intriguing reasons.The ancient Romans and Greeks were rather preoccupied with the threat of wicked spirits. To combat these potential perils, brides of the time often carried garlic.. Herbs and grains were another popular bouquet inclusion, as they were said to bless the couple with fertility. Over in Poland, brides sometimes dusted their bouquets with sugar to sweeten the marriage.
Beautiful Bride and Her Crew Displaying Their Colorful Flowers
Roses are currently the most popular wedding flower, but they’ve been used in bouquets and wedding flower centerpieces for ages. In fact, the Victorians often chose the bloom because of its association with true love. Roses continue to be popular, in part, because they come in so many different varieties. Tea roses, spray rose, and garden roses all have their own unique characteristics and can be used to create a wide variety of looks.
Bride Tossing Her Flower Bouquet
For a very long time ago it was thought that those who touched the bride (or even better, got a piece of her dress) would have good luck. It was from this belief that the tradition of throwing wedding flower bouquets comes. Brides of the time started throwing their bouquets to wedding guests in an attempt to make a quick escape, while also leaving them a little piece of good fortune.
Grooms Garter Tossing
Gaining more popularity now is the Garter Tossing by the men.The garter also symbolized the virginity and innocence of the bride, and removing the garter had special importance back then. It stood for consummation, fulfillment, and progeny. Garter toss is assumed to be the oldest wedding custom. During the Middle Ages, bridal clothes had a lot of importance. Even a piece of her dress was considered to bring good luck. Thus, this tradition began. Earlier, the bride used to throw the garter at the men. Sometimes the men used to get over-excited and this caused lot of discomfort to the bride. Hence, the groom started removing the garter from his wife's thigh, and tossed it to the men. Usually, this ceremony is done after the bouquet toss. Sometimes, the lady who caught the bouquet and the gentleman who caught the garter are asked to dance together.
Beautiful Memorable Moments For Every Bride and Groom
Remember, your wedding day is meant to make you happy. There are all kinds of traditions and rules, but you don’t really have to follow them all.Focus on what is really important and make your day a memorable one.
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