INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT ENGAGEMENT RINGS... By Artlook Studios Do you feel like the big day is coming? You probably feel your heart pou...


By Artlook Studios
Do you feel like the big day is coming? You probably feel your heart pounding harder while picturing the moment. He kneels down, hands an engagement ring to you and pops the question.
Engagement of love
Love is a beautiful feeling and we find it romantic for our lovely Bide and Groom to prepare for an engagement portrait photoshoot. This is just like writing your love story leading up to the wedding day. 
Special Engagement moment
Will you marry me my sweetie!! Getting your engagement photoshoots allows your photographer get to understand both of you much better and select much easily what style and poses will be perfect for both of you on your wedding day. This should not be seen as a trial process by the photographer, these are special moments that deserve to be cherished and remembered, they deserve to be captured.
An incredible way to highly esteem the one you love.
Engagement rings are stunning and beautiful symbols of love. The look on your special one's face when you hand them an incredible diamond engagement ring and propose is a moment that you will never forget.
It always feels good to be loved
Not only are engagement rings symbols of lifelong love and commitment, they're also an enduring tradition with a long history.
So much in-love with each other
When true love gets hold of you,it's undeniable. The engagement is one the most precious moments in every relationship, because it leads to something more amazing: "the wedding and bonding together of two wonderful individuals with love".
And it all starts with an engagement and next comes the big day.
Did you know? Giving rings as a sign of love is a tradition that dates back to the ancient Egyptians, who believed that circles were symbols of eternity.
Did you know? It was once believed that the vein in the fourth finger on the left hand ran directly to one's heart, which is why engagement and wedding rings are worn on that finger.

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