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Are you planning a wedding, chances are that you’ve already thought about what your wedding dress will look like, and chances are, you’ve pictured it in some shade of white or ivory. But have you ever wondered about the history of white wedding dresses? The history about wedding dresses is intriguing to say the least. Did you know that white hasn’t always been the norm for bridal dresses, or that a bride’s gown was supposed to indicate her family’s social standing? We didn’t either! Check out our little history and photography display!
A typical bride on her wedding day
Wedding dress history
It's a long standing fact that weddings have been occurring for centuries. In the Middle Ages for instance, weddings were considered to be less of a romantic ideal and more of a political union between two families. This was prevalent especially in the nobility and higher social classes. Traditional bridal gowns of the time were meant to reflect a bride’s family’s social standing, and were often made with lush fabrics in rich colors (even black), if available. If a bride didn’t belong to a noble family, she often simply wore her best dress on her wedding day, as many non-nobles couldn’t justify the expense of a dress that would be worn for only one da
A lovely Bride beautifully adorned with an awesome wedding dress
Princess Philippa of England was the first documented princess to wear white to her wedding in 1406, followed thereafter by Mary, Queen of Scots, when she married Francis Dauphin of France in 1559. But white bridal dresses did not become popular among the masses until after Queen Victoria’s marriage to Albert of Saxe-Coburg in 1840. At the time, the commercial manufacturing equipment produced as a result of the Industrial Revolution was taking a toll on local lace-making artisans, causing poverty and unemployment. In an effort to display her patriotism and practicality, Victoria chose a large piece of English handmade lace for her bridal gown, and the rest of the dress was designed to showcase that lovely lace. Victoria’s wedding portrait was widely published, inspiring brides the world over to seek out white bridal dresses.
And the trend for white dresses for weddings took it's toll, different designs continue to unfold.
 Contrary to popular belief, white was not thought to be the color symbolizing purity; blue was. It wasn’t until Queen Victoria that the white bridal gown took off, and take off it did! Since then, shades of white and ivory have been the predominant colors in bridal fashion.
The fashion trend continues to take new modernized forms depending on what style the bride wants
In the 20th century, white continued to be the color of choice for traditional bridal gowns, although styles tended to follow the popular trends of the time, up until around 1940, when it became popular to wear longer bridal dresses with fuller skirts. This style, hailing back to Victorian times, continues to some extent today and gradually changed to a more modernized fashion.
Interesting and beautiful Brides on their big day.
How interesting and cool! The history of white wedding dresses are certainly full of surprises!
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