Cake as an Important Flavor In Every Wedding Event.
The wedding cake is a long lasting tradition in the celebration of love and decoration of wedding events.
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The first thing you need to decide when choosing a Wedding Cake is its type and appearance. What will be the main decoration of the banquet? The wedding cake can be rectangular, oval or more familiar round, made from one or more cake layers. However, the most popular remains a multi-tiered cake made from biscuit, cream, and sugar mastic.( Though everyone can decide to use flavors they like most.)
Colorful wedding cakes
Imagine using a Cake with cream,Delicate biscuit cakes and buttercream between them - sounds so appetizing! As a cream, you can use whipped cream with fillers (mascarpone, fruit, berries, cottage cheese), classic buttercream with filler, mousses, etc.
Couple sharing cakes together on their big day
Open cake - a simple and concise design for home and Soulful Wedding. As a rule, it is a small cake consisting of several open cakes with cream, decorated with berries and fruits between tiers.
Displaying unity
Cake souffle. Such a cake will be light and at the same time dense in texture. Souffle can be multi-colored and with different additives (cottage cheese, yogurt, poultry milk).
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Cake with mastic is a more traditional option for a Classic Wedding. Typically, such patterns are decorated with icing - pattern on tiers, berries, flowers, and other decorative elements.
We believe you enjoyed our brief tips to help you selected the best cake for your big day.

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