Marriage proposals can be very tricky, you just need to have the right blend of honesty, sensibility and planning along with lots of love, undying hope and belief in the promise of a beautiful future. To share all this and more in just a few lines of love is almost impossible. But wait! am not here to make you even more anxious than you might already be. In fact, am here to give you the wind to your sails… the breeze you need to start the very sail. You are not the first to walk this part having found that special woman you cherish and love so much. We are pleased to share with you some photo highlights of two beautiful individuals boldly taking the wonderful step that will surely lead to a lovely family life together. Think about engagement as laying foundation for a beautiful home, the design and structure for this home already prepared and well organised. Engagement is a mutual feeling between two people having compatible goals of living together as one, achieving plans together, overcoming various challenges of life together as they continue their marital life together; but everything started with laying the first building block,"ENGAGEMENT".
Two beautiful individuals taking a bold step to prepare for a future together.
They started as friends,spoke for a long while,played together as friends,enjoyed beautiful moments together as friends..And one day the thought comes up in their minds: "Why can't we just be together forever!"

So much in-love with each other.
Yes, forever does exist, but only when you find someone special who can make you see it.

That look of inner satisfaction and security when you're with the one you love.
Thumbs up to the honesty and honesty is all one needs to make a relationship rock solid! Of course, things are not always perfect but it’s getting through them together that makes a happy marriage.

Feeling so happy and loved together, the feelings of love grows even more stronger as he proposes to her.
Yes, there might be many ways to be happy but none as permanent and fulfilling as the happiness when one finds in love.

Such a lovely moment to accept to live together as one.
"I promise to love you forever...every single day as we build a wonderful home and future life together"
We did it together!
And they are officially engaged to each other! The journey of love and life together has gradually taking it's part.

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